Final Consultation

The final consultation commends reports/findings to your organisation. In this stage, G-Corporate Advisory will personally present a summary of the assignment and take further questions from your organisation, if necessary.

Once the assignment is complete, your organisation will be able to make follow-up enquiries with G-Corporate Advisory to clarify any aspect of the assignment.

First Consultation

At the first consultation, G-Corporate Advisory will begin by clearly understanding your organisation’s matter. You will need to have some relevant documents relating to the matter(s) and/or concerning your organisation.

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Review Procedure

Once the scope of the assignment or the matter(s) has (have) been clearly established and G-Corporate Advisory engaged, G-Corporate Advisory will commence its work. G-Corporate Advisory will need access to your organisation’s documents, speak to staff and external Parties such as Accountants, Lawyers and other Consultant and Parties in order to perform its work. 

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