First Consultation

At the first consultation, G-Corporate Advisory will begin by clearly understanding your organisation’s matter. You will need to have some relevant documents relating to the matter(s) and/or concerning your organisation.

It is not necessary to present a multitude of documents but only those that succinctly describe the matter(s). Generally, the first consultation should not exceed 30-60 mnutes and there is no fee for this first consultation.

You will also understand how G-Corporate Advisory operates and the expectations of both Parties. The terms and conditions will be briefly discussed as no formal work can actually commence until agreement is reached as to the terms and conditions of G-Corporate Advisory. At the end of the first consulation and if you decide to proceed, those written terms and agreement will be provided to you. You do not need to sign the terms and agreement until you have had time to peruse its contents and possibly ask further questions.

Review Procedure

Once the scope of the assignment or the matter(s) has (have) been clearly established and G-Corporate Advisory engaged, G-Corporate Advisory will commence its work. G-Corporate Advisory will need access to your organisation’s documents, speak to staff and external Parties such as Accountants, Lawyers and other Consultant and Parties in order to perform its work. 

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Final Consultation

The final consultation commends reports/findings to your organisation. In this stage, G-Corporate Advisory will personally present a summary of the assignment and take further questions from your organisation, if necessary.

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